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Chaos Released Music

Standalone player
Welcome To Chaos Released
Welcome to the Drenden Chaos Released Guild Website!

The site is new and currently being finished up so please bear with us...

If you havent yet registered for a Site Account yet please take the time to do so now.  Accounts are free and require minimal info to setup and will allow you access to rank only material throughout the site and in the forum especially.

For guild members, officers, and friends visiting the new site at my request after you finish registering please take some time and look around... check out the different features & abilities of the site and if you have a chance comment, criticize, or give your opinions on the site in the Guild Forums...

If you are interested in becoming a member of Chaos Released or if you are a member who would like to learn more about the guild checkout The Guide to Chaos Released page.

FYI to any members interested we are looking for someone who is able to create a wow video of the guild doing a dungeon in the future...   Contact Chaosstorm / Chaosblade if interested.

Hope you all enjoy the new site... most importantly... Have Fun!


Kris (Chaosblade / Chaosstorm)

The Needs of CR
Recruiting Needs:

Chaos Released currently is trying to become more active in level 80 heroics and needs more of the following (keep in mind that we still welcome anyone to join our guild, these are just what were aiming for):

  1. Druids
    • Healers and Balance mainly...
  2. Rogues
    • Any spec... lol... we just need more rogues in general
  3. Priests
    • Shadow and Holy... priests carry awesome wide range heals and the dps shadow priests just rock any way you look at them.
  4. Shaman
    • Healers...  nice chain heals with this class
  5. Pallys
    • Retribution... nice dps and side heals thru their divine storm

Site Needs:

  • Currently looking for members interested to setup a playlist of your own music for the site to use...  This is a great way for us to learn more about each other... just abide by the rules for this setup on the forums.

    • Directions for setting up and forwarding your music playlist:

      • go to and setup a account for free
      • after setting up the account go and browse thru's music and setup your own personal playlist... you can either add songs from other people's playlists oryou can browse by songs titles or artists.
      • use the link "Post My Playlist" at the top to start forwarding your playlist
      • Select option E. Other on the next page
      • Choose your playlist
      • On the next screen set autostart to No, Randomize to No, Custom Skin to No, and color is your choice... then click GET CODE
      • A page will pop up with the code for your playlist inside a box... Copy and paste that entire code and send it to Chaosstorm87 thru the site mail or to for my personal email and I will check out your playlist and add it to the site for others to enjoy.

  • Also pictures and videos... I want to include to more screenshots and dungeon videos on the site from all members so if you have any please forward the info or files to Chaosstorm87 and I will post them on the site.  For videos they would have to be setup on YouTube and I will link to them.

  • Feedback... please check in on the forums and give us some feedback on the setup of the site and the guild... we look over everything since this guild is for the enjoyment of the members in it and we might even change some things based on how your ideas go over with the officers.
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